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Customer services

We build relationships, not just technology

Planning, expanding or maintaining a network is a time-consuming affair, demanding attention and energy – energy you can better spend servicing and attracting customers. Together with trusted partners, we can ease the burden of operating high-performance fiber networks. Our range of professional services lets you outsource everything from designing new builds to 24/7 technical support. However, as a modular services portfolio, it’s possible to lean on us for as much or as little assistance as you need. We give our customers an edge by offering a level of service that's faster and more effective than anyone else.

What’s the challenge?

Advanced network solutions often require flexible and adaptive services. Not only is it important to roll out advanced network solutions quickly and seamlessly, but also maintain these networks ensuring access to mission-critical data that is imperative for effective business operations.

Here’s the solution

Our service excellence offers the customer a peace of mind solution for servicing advanced networks. Industry proven service packages and flexibly configured packages match the customer’s needs. Service excellence is offered all along the network lifecycle, covering network design, deployment and maintenance. Our Plan, Build, Care and Manage service offerings are rounded off by professional product and technology training as well as industry-recognized program and project management.


Our Build services include all activities required to install your solution as quickly as possible and to put your network into operation. With well-defined acceptance criteria, we pass the solution to you for immediate commercial use ...
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Today’s mission-critical network demands the highest level of performance and reliability. We understand these demands and do whatever it takes to ensure you meet your goals. With our Care services, you can be assured that your network always runs reliably and at peak-performance ...
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