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Transport of precise time over optical channels

Network synchronization based on GNSS is a vital tool for mobile operators, power utilities, financial institutions, and many others. However, while it can deliver highly precise timing, it’s vulnerable to a host of factors from disturbances due to solar activity to targeted spoofing and jamming attacks by cybercriminals. As accurate timing becomes essential for critical infrastructure, concern is growing among companies, and regulatory pressure is building to mitigate this business continuity risk. Our optical timing channel (OTC) solution removes these issues and ensures highly precise timing for all industries.

This unique technology uses our PTP-optimized optical transport to deliver accurate synchronization all the way from the core of the network to the edge. By leveraging a dedicated out-of-band channel to carry PTP and SyncE traffic, it efficiently mitigates asymmetric delay. It also leverages our Oscilloquartz scalable grandmaster clocks with multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receivers. And, for real-time synchronization quality information and full visibility, all components of our OTC solution are controlled by our common management platform, Ensemble Controller and Ensemble Sync Director.

Read our solution brief to find out more about the benefits of our OTC technology, including ultra-accurate class D boundary clocks with full hardware redundancy. Discover how it enables operators to streamline their timing networks and avoid the cost of deploying expensive GNSS-disciplined core clocks across many sites. And read how the unrivaled transport and synchronization expertise of our ADVA and Oscilloquartz teams ensures accurate and robust network timing even under the most stringent conditions.