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Ensemble Cloudlet - The road to hybrid workload clouds at the customer edge

Most people think of the cloud (both public and private) as being solely hosted in large data centers. But there are a range of models from large and centralized data centers all the way out to customer sites, and for many user requirements, the model of a centrally deployed macro-cloud simply doesn’t fit. 

That’s why we created our Ensemble Cloudlet, making it easy to deploy a scalable, resilient cloud at the customer premises. It provides standalone resilience if connectivity goes down, enables companies who require it to keep data local and supports applications that require low-latency access to compute resources such as 5G, AR and smart manufacturing.

Learn more about Ensemble Cloudlet built on our open carrier-grade Ensemble NFV and uCPE suite. Discover how it easily deploys at scale with zero-touch provisioning and provides access to our industry-leading ecosystem of best-of-breed VNFs. And read how Ensemble Cloudlet can be managed by our award-winning Ensemble MANO suite for simplicity, resilience and easy scale.