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FSP 3000 ConnectGuard™ Optical

Today’s fiber optic networks face a growing and constantly evolving threat from cybercrime and espionage. Cyberattacks, large or small scale, can cause serious damage to reputations, revenues and critical infrastructure, making implementation of robust, end-to-end encryption an urgent priority.

Our ConnectGuard™ Optical technology, available on our FSP 3000 platform, enables data to be transported securely with the highest performance and lowest cost. It provides Layer 1 encryption for the most robust protection available, alongside maximum efficiency and ultra-low latency at line speeds of up to 600Gbit/s.

Read how ConnectGuard™ Optical integrates into existing KPI infrastructure, reducing operational complexity and cost. Discover how it complies with the most stringent security standards, and how it’s been key to the world's first 100Gbit/s quantum-safe transport over 2800km. For comprehensive protection, unparalleled efficiency and ease of use, there can be only one choice.