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Verizon Universal CPE

As one of the world’s leading service providers and innovators, Verizon was quick to embrace cloud-native innovation with its Virtual Network Service. This initial offering based on “gray box” technology combined traditional hardware networking devices with standard computing platforms to deliver virtualized services. It did, however, have its limitations, lacking cost-efficiency and, crucially, the flexibility needed to enable true freedom of choice.

With customers demanding a completely open white box solution based on commercial-off-the-shelf server technology with no proprietary extensions, Verizon launched their universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) program. This new offering would take Verizon’s cloud-based VNS vision and push it to the customer edge. 

Find out how that vision became reality with the support and NFV expertise of the ADVA Ensemble division. This case study looks at the history of the Verizon innovation program, from conception to implementation and deployment. Read how ADVA Ensemble technology helped Verizon solve the tough problems of working in a multi-vendor environment and making uCPE deployable at scale.