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Universal customer premises equipment application brochure cover

Universal customer premises equipment

Network innovation happens at an unprecedented speed. With the emergence of 5G and IoT, communication service providers (CSPs) will need to support a variety of new features at the edge of their networks. Relying on multiple purpose-built colocated hardware appliances will not allow them to move fast enough. The age of service-specific hardware is gone. CSPs now require software on open servers in order to take advantage of the latest innovation and rapidly respond to customer demand.

Universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) is an open edge computing device operated on the customer premises. Proximity to the end-customer application ensures low latency, decentralization creates scalability, and encryption provides security right from the edge. Building on enormous improvements in processor performance, multiple VNFs can run on a single uCPE. CSPs can instantly roll out new services by simply loading additional software onto the edge computing device. 

Find out more about fast, agile service creation at the network edge. With uCPE, the edge becomes a software-based services production factory. And with zero touch automation, operational costs and risk of manual failure are also massively reduced. Read about our Ensemble Connector, an open network operating system that provides an accelerated virtual switch, Carrier Ethernet functionality, and device management. And discover our new generation of edge computing devices for hosting of VNFs and mobile edge applications.