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Ensemble edge computing and uCPE

Edge computing and uCPE are hot topics. But what do those terms mean? And how can they help you achieve your goals regarding innovation in computing and communications? The answer seems complex, not least because cloud computing exists on a spectrum. At one end are the massive and centralized data centers utilized by the web-scale operators and public cloud providers. At the other end is the tiny computer in your smart phone. This brochure provides a simple overview with real-world examples.

Find out more about key topics such as the definition of the edge, attributes and benefits of edge computing and uCPE, and an overview of real-world use cases. We describe specific benefits including how you can reduce cloud computing costs by half and cut hardware inventory to 25% of what is required for appliances.

The conclusion of the brochure outlines the Ensemble virtualization solution, including the ADVA components and its support for third-party hardware and software components. With ADVA, you can deploy a truly open and multi-vendor solution for edge computing and uCPE. Read more about how our open platform can power tomorrow’s applications and give your business the edge.