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Secure zero touch provisioning front cover

Secure zero touch provisioning

Networks need to connect an ever-increasing number of edge devices driven by IoT, mobile and cloud-based services. At the same time, functional sophistication is increasing, requiring more time to configure those devices and activate new services. Manual processes limit a service provider’s ability to rapidly scale networks and roll out new services in a cost-efficient way. 

There’s now an urgent need for edge devices that can autonomously connect to a network, self-configure and activate themselves with minimal human intervention. The promise of faster service activation, lower operational cost, better scalability and fewer human errors has pushed automation of network operations to the top of the agenda for service providers. 

Of course, the transition towards fully automated, zero touch service activation has to be safeguarded by additional security controls. Read more to discover how we’re combining automation with market-leading security. With zero touch provisioning and operation, our network edge technology is reducing cost and enabling protected communication for the IoT era.