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Secure high-speed connectivity cover

Secure high-speed connectivity

Enterprises of all sizes are adopting cloud-based applications with more and more sensitive data flowing outside the traditional enterprise perimeter. At the same time, cloud and distributed server, storage and backup systems are gaining more traction in almost every industry. With sensitive data increasingly being sent to the cloud, IT professionals must reconsider data security. Insufficient data protection can put a company’s ultimate value at risk. At the same time, cybercrime is intensifying, and the regulatory environment is demanding more focus on data security.

It’s now essential to protect data across all types of connectivity. Network operators must take a holistic approach and provide robust security for data in transit across all layers. What’s more, this needs to be achieved with zero compromise on performance and complexity. With ADVA’s ConnectGuard™ encryption toolbox, data is robustly protected with minimum latency and maximum throughput wherever it is in the network. ADVA ConnectGuard™ technology ensures complete security for data transmission across optical networks, Carrier Ethernet and cloud connectivity.

Read more about ADVA ConnectGuard™ optical for the FSP 3000, which guarantees optimum network security, highest availability and complies with national and international security standards such as requirements defined by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). For enterprises and government institutions, ADVA ConnectGuard™ Ethernet enables the transformation of traditional Carrier Ethernet leased lines into secure and encrypted connectivity.