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Solution briefs

Improving satellite-based timing with hosted analytics

Disruption to network synchronization can have disastrous consequences for enterprise, governmental and public transport infrastructure. For most networks, GNSS receivers are the key source of precise time and so problems with satellite signals are a major cause of network outages. Today’s performance reporting on GNSS receivers is entirely reactive with maintenance teams scrambling to take action only after significant problems arise. What they need is the power to predict and tackle issues before they impact mission-critical services.

The ADVA SatAware™ service analyzes performance data from GNSS receivers and enables network operators to identify obstructions to the sky view of every antenna. It also predicts performance degradations with AI-powered analytics and provides clear and accessible visualization of highly complex satellite movement patterns, giving maintenance teams ultimate control. What’s more, hundreds of sites that would be impossible to keep track of manually can be analyzed at once with no human effort whatsoever.

Our SatAware service™ is the ideal tool for identifying problems without time-consuming site visits and before services are affected or outages occur. Discover how its intelligent algorithms detect critical trends and point out the need for actions such as sites requiring readjustment of antennas. Learn how our SatAware™ service gives you the benefit of insights gathered from many major service providers. And read about how our unique hosted service adds value for your customers as well as new opportunities for your business.