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Solution briefs

Accelerating the deployment of 5G with simple and flexible transport networks

Mobile network operators (MNOs) must address key question when it comes to designing and deploying next-generation transport networks. They need infrastructure able to support their existing 4G macro cells as well as new 5G cells. Technology must be selected that enables massive MIMO deployments for both 4G and 5G, as well as synchronization and phase alignment for FDD and TDD. And costs must be kept to a minimum through transport network sharing.

Depending on the technology used, network operators need to tackle challenges around mobile backhaul, fronthaul, midhaul and X-Haul. Strategically investing in fiber will be key for MNOs, with microwave and mmWave radio deployed only where needed. An essential requirement will be ensuring infrastructure has the flexibility to scale to meet growing data traffic demands while keeping options open for future innovation.

Read how we can help to answer these fundamental questions using the ADVA portfolio of simple and proven technologies. Discover insights from a network architect for a leading MNO about deploying our technology in volume in a live 5G network. And discover how a targeted packet-based solution with an open line system delivers the flexibility and simplicity that will be needed in tomorrow’s mobile networks.