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Connectivity in a World of Data Centers

Data center interconnect (DCI) networks need to evolve and optimize if internet content providers and cloud service providers are to continue to meet service expectations. At the same time the IoT is changing everything, creating soaring demand for storage and processing, generating new security threats and necessitating localized data centers to handle latency-sensitive traffic. Masses of data is beginning to be generated by a range of newly connected devices and it needs to be efficiently processed and properly secured.

We’re addressing these challenges and preparing for the future with the FSP 3000, a more open, scalable and secure pathway for DCI. Not only is our FSP 3000 unbeatably efficient but it also reduces operating costs significantly. It provides complete data security and is the industry’s only truly open DCI platform, enabling a more cost-effective and agile network. Our FSP 3000 provides low-latency encryption across line speeds of 100Gbit/s and beyond, ensuring total protection for data in motion.

Read more about our FSP 3000 solution and its unique configuration flexibility. Discover how, with its disaggregated and open line system architecture, it addresses the widest range of DCI applications with best-in-class metrics. Learn how our ConnectGuard™ encryption technology can eliminate the need for standalone security equipment and find out how, with our Ensemble Controller, you can take complete control of optical transport capacity and manage your DCI network with new levels of efficiency.