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What is Carrier Ethernet 2.0?

Evolution of Ethernet

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) is the latest generation of Carrier Ethernet-defined networks. For communications service providers (CSPs), CE 2.0 is a set of network elements, certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), that makes Carrier Ethernet services more interconnected, manageable and differentiated for specific applications.

Increased marketability

CE 2.0 ensures that CSPs can offer quality products that perform to the CE 2.0 standards. It connects transport Carrier Ethernet services for all users whether locally or globally. CE 2.0 has moved operators forward into an interconnected world of multiple providers all cooperating and working together to deliver scalable, dependable carrier-grade Ethernet services with strict SLAs.
... enables ubiquitous deployment spanning multiple providers.

Increased marketability

The CE 2.0 designation creates services that have transformed the market. With standardized multiple classes of service, CSPs have been able to optimize their networks to fit a wide range of customer application requirements. Integrated delivery of MEF services has enabled ubiquitous deployment spanning multiple providers. CE 2.0 has also emerged as an ideal foundation for NFV service delivery.

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