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FSP 150-GO102Pro Series

Ensuring quality in tough conditions

As more and more things become connected to the internet, communication service providers (CSPs) face the challenge of providing access to devices operated in harsh conditions. Even in the toughest environments, the quality of the connectivity service must not be compromised. There is now an urgent need for reliable, programmable Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and IP service demarcation devices that can be deployed outdoors. It’s also vital that they work without expensive cabinets or power-hungry air conditioning systems.

Universal and programmable demarcation

Our FSP 150-GO102Pro Series offers multi-layer Carrier Ethernet and IP integration in one single device featuring standardized SDN interfaces.
Our FSP 150-GO102Pro Series empowers the network edge with a uniquely versatile demarcation product for the harshest environments.

Versatile mounting

From walls to poles to street cabinets, our FSP 150-GO102Pro Series enables simple installation in a wide range of outdoor locations with its unobtrusive, compact and hardened design.

Designed for excellence

With more and more simple devices becoming connected to the network, installation costs are having a greater impact on CSPs’ profitability. Any simplification can make a huge difference. Can you feed your end-device with a single Ethernet cable for data and power or do you need to plan for a costly remote power supply? Does your demarcation device come with a range of mounting options or do you need to consider complex construction work? This is where our FSP 150-GO102Pro Series can help to save you serious time, effort and money.

Synchronizing any cell site

Meeting LTE and emerging 5G requirements, our FSP 150-GO102Pro Series delivers highly precise, assured distribution of time and frequency.

Mount and go

Our FSP 150-GO102Pro Series empowers the network edge with a uniquely versatile demarcation product for the harshest environments. Designed for fast and simple installation, it features ruggedized outdoor housing, eliminating the need for additional cabinets and air conditioning. While one FSP 150-GOPro variant is ideal for outdoor installation on walls and poles, the smaller version actually fits inside lamp posts. Its highly automated provisioning process minimizes manual configuration and significantly reduces service activation time. What’s more, our FSP 150-GO102Pro Series couldn’t be easier to install, manage and diagnose.

Technical specifications

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