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FSP 150CC-GE206

Evolve your backhaul services portfolio without constraints

Optimized for mobile backhaul applications, our FSP 150CC-GE206 enables you to deliver intelligent Carrier Ethernet services, as well as highly accurate synchronization over fiber-based access networks. Traditional T1/E1 or GPS-based synchronization can now be replaced with G.8261 Synchronous Ethernet and 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol. The combination of intelligent demarcation and network synchronization capabilities in a single device helps to reduce your mobile backhaul cost significantly.

Intelligent mobile backhaul Carrier Ethernet 2.0 applications

Cost-effective delivery of CE2.0 services and highly accurate synchronization over fiber-based access networks.
... combination of intelligent demarcation with network synchronization capabilities in a single device ...

Seamless migration from 3G to 4G radio access

Replace traditional T1/E1-based synchronization with highly accurate synchronization and controlled timing over packet.

Service scalability meets backhaul performance

With six Ethernet service ports plus two expansion slots for personality modules, our FSP 150CC-GE206 is capable of supporting multiple customers or service configurations per cell tower. The optional personality module slots can host additional Ethernet interfaces or circuit-emulation modules for T1/E1 services. Our hierarchical traffic management for advanced service definition and low-latency forwarding ensures interoperability with MEF certification and highest performance, even when lines are oversubscribed or congested.

Real-time performance and data analysis

Traffic mirroring with truncation and highly accurate timestamp options for sub-micro-second analysis of critical data transactions.

99.999% service availability with minimal disruptions

Is service assurance key for your business? With our FSP 150CC-GE206 you will achieve highest service availability by handling multi-priority traffic while ensuring latency, jitter and packet delivery performance on a per-flow basis. Our CE 2.0 service demarcation and management technology enables you to provide an intelligent Ethernet service demarcation point compliant with the latest OAM standards. Focusing on scalability and interoperability, our implementation of 802.3ah, 802.1ag, Y.1731 and RFC 2544 enables seamless end-to-end performance management, even across third-party networks.