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DCI evolution

As demand accelerates for ultra-high capacity data center interconnectivity (DCI), today’s networks require a new level of flexibility and choice. Optical modulation schemes are becoming increasingly diverse to meet a wide range of performance, scale and cost objectives, driving the need for future-proof flexibility. That’s why, for a growing number of operators seeking scale, cost efficiency and simplified operations, open line systems (OLS) between data centers have become strategic assets.

True open implementation

Our FSP 3000 OLS provides smooth integration into data center and software-defined environments.
DCI ols
Our FSP 3000 OLS supports both coherent and direct-detect modulation.

Build your own DCI

The modular approach of our open FSP 3000 OLS enables highly customized solutions.
DCI ols

Unlimited versatility

Coherent transmission has emerged as one of the most powerful technologies in optical transport, supporting highest data rates and highest channel counts. But the latest advances in PAM4 technologies are also driving interest in direct-detect modulation with its cost efficiency for point-to-point DCI links. As the OLS remains in the DCI network longer than other components, it needs to handle the variety and continuous evolution of modulation schemes. Our FSP 3000 OLS is the answer. It supports both coherent and direct-detect modulation, as well as all varying signal baud rates and spectrum shapes.

Automation for ease of use

Automated power level adjustment and automated dispersion management functionality enable simpler, error-free operations.

DCI OLS benefits

With an open and modular architecture, the ADVA FSP 3000 DCI OLS offers unrivalled versatility. It enables operators to avoid technology lock-ins and at the same time drive down network cost in terms of both capex and opex. Automated self-tuning capabilities enable simplified installation and operation. Built-in monitoring and assurance tools support true open and disaggregated networking. And with its compact footprint, the ADVA FSP 3000 DCI OLS is ideally suited to deployment in today’s data centers where rack space comes at a premium.
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