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Introductory Class for the FSP 150 Platform (open class)
A training course which introduces the FSP 150CC Platform. Students will learn how to create Ethernet services. They will get familiar with Etherjack™ Features. Knowledge of this class is the base for additional Advanced Ethernet Classes on dedicated features. (4 days)

FSP 150EG-X (dedicated class)
The student gets introduced to FSP 150EG-X with respect to installation, configuration and maintenance (3 days)

Operate and Maintain FSP 150-XG400 Family (open class) 
This training course explains the FSP 150 XG400 family (XG480, XG404, XG418), each of the product’s components, features and submodules. Configuration and troubleshooting exercises are essential elements of the training to assure that the attendants gain a comprehensive understanding of the device’s operation. (3 days)  

Advanced Ethernet Modular Training with FSP 150CC Platform
Advanced modular training on selected features of the FSP 150CC Platform (Max 4 days)