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Stephan Lehmann debates multi-layer network security innovation at NetNordic 2022

Session will explore the merits of approaches like zero-trust and end-to-end encryption

  • Speaker: Stephan Lehmann, product line manager, security, ADVA
  • Topics: Making networks secure with multi-layer encryption (and more ...)
  • When: Thursday, September 22, 2 p.m. CEST (Track 3)
  • Where: NetNordic Technology University 2022, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress., Uppsala, Sweden: 

The fierce growth in cybercrime and the increasing cost of data breaches make network security a key challenge for the telecommunication industry. How best can data in motion be effectively and reliably protected when traveling across today's global terabit networks? There is the idea of zero-trust network architectures which strongly rely on application-layer security and assume that networks cannot be trusted. Alternatively, data can be protected by end-to-end encryption on the optical, Ethernet or IP layer. Or are there merits to having encryption at several layers? 

In this session, Stephan Lehmann will discuss the most effective encryption methods for safeguarding external network connections against unauthorized access. He will debate how the latest technology for encryption at multiple layers can provide a comprehensive state-of-the-art security infrastructure for all connectivity applications, and discuss how new solutions are ensuring that data is encrypted without impacting network performance. Register now for the event beginning September 22.