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Klaus Grobe discusses greening by ICT and where to focus sustainability efforts

ECOC talk and panel debate will cover how network innovation is reducing environmental impact and what more must be done

  • Speakers: Klaus Grobe, director, global sustainability, ADVA; Florian Doussot, sustainable and circular ambition for recertification leader, Orange; Kishore Kota, AVP, engineering, Marvell Technology
  • Topics: Optical Networks – Will they destroy the planet or save humanity? 
  • When: Sunday, September 18, 2 p.m. CEST
  • Where: NGO ECOC Exhibition 2022, Messe Basel, Basel, Switzerland:

Exponential growth is not sustainable, and the once long-term problems of climate change are becoming rapidly short-term problems affecting resource depletion, waste generation, general pollution and increasing the prevalence of natural disasters. 

This workshop will examine the green credentials of the optical communications industry, and look at initiatives and directions toward a more sustainable future. Klaus Grobe will outline the big picture and ask how long exponential growth can continue before answering questions with the panel on greening by ICT and how the optical telecommunication industry can make a real difference. Register now for the event beginning September 18.