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Stephan Rettenberger talks coherent 100ZR innovation at NGON

Presentation to reveal how coherent technologies can create a future-proof optical edge

  • Speaker: Stephan Rettenberger, SVP marketing and investor relations, ADVA
  • Topics: The coherent optical edge
  • When: Thursday, June 23, 11:25 a.m. CET
  • Where: NGON & DCI World, Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower, Barcelona, Spain,

There are a host of new applications driving the current bandwidth explosion at the edge. This has created new service opportunities for operators, but if operators really want to conquer this new territory they need to leverage the right mix of coherent technology trade-offs. 

In this session, Stephan Rettenberger will offer an in-depth analysis of coherent technologies and demonstrate why cost, power and efficiency are the most important parameters for short-reach applications. He will also explain how coherent technologies can help to create a future-proof network and examine the role direct detect optics play at the edge. Register now for the in-person or virtual event beginning June 21.