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Nino De Falcis outlines strategies for accurate, resilient timing in financial trading

WSTS talk to detail best practices for ensuring accuracy and protecting critical infrastructure from cyberattacks

  • Speaker: Nino De Falcis, senior director, sync business development, Americas, Oscilloquartz, ADVA
  • Topics: Best practices for resilient NIST/UTC traceable sub-┬Ásec timestamping of financial trades
  • When: Wednesday, May 11, 9:25 a.m. MT
  • Where: Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems: Denver Downtown Convention Center, Denver, Colorado, USA:

Financial firms require provable NIST/UTC-traceable timestamping of trades. The higher the accuracy of the clock that provides the timing source, the higher the gains for high-frequency algorithmic trading. But with attacks on GNSS-based increasing in frequency, these gains are under threat.  

In this talk, Nino De Falcis will examine how updated regulations can protect financial markets from devastating service disruptions. He will also provide an in-depth explanation of how PNT resiliency and self-survivability can be achieved by leveraging a defense-in-depth framework based on zero-trust PNT sources. Register for the event beginning May 9.