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Nir Laufer explores GNSS backup for data center sync at WSTS

Presentation to outline how ePRTC solutions are key for delivering accurate and long-term holdover

  • Speaker: Nir Laufer, VP, product line management, Oscilloquartz, ADVA
  • Topics: ePRTC in data centers – GNSS backup as a service (GBaaS)
  • When: Tuesday, May 10, 4:40 p.m. MT
  • Where: Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems: Denver Downtown Convention Center, Denver, Colorado, USA:

Synchronized time is critical to distributed systems and network applications in data center. This is typically provided by using a time server connected to GNSS antenna delivering NTP and PTP services to the subtended clients. But this network architecture is vulnerable to GNSS-related attacks such as jamming and spoofing. That’s why enhanced primary reference time clocks (ePRTCs) that utilize a stable frequency standard (such as a cesium clock) are increasingly being leveraged as a backup source.

In this session, Nir Laufer will explore several network architectures that utilize ePRTC in data center network synchronization to provide secure and resilient time. Register for the event beginning May 9.