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Helmut Griesser shares quantum cryptography insights in OFC short course

Session to explore current encryption and key distribution technologies as well as approaches for QKD and quantum-safe algorithms

  • Speakers: Helmut Griesser, director, advanced technology, ADVA; Andrew Shields, assistant managing director, Toshiba Research Europe 
  • Topics: Secure optical communications
  • When: Sunday, March 6, 9 a.m. PST
  • Where:  OFC, The Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA and virtual conference:

In this introduction to optical network cryptography, participants will learn about the fundamentals of secure digital communication, explore symmetric and asymmetric encryption and learn about key exchange protocols. The course will outline how encryption can be implemented independently on different network layers, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of various options.

Course leaders, Helmut Griesser and Andrew Shields, will explain why quantum computers pose a threat to current cryptographic protocols and the most promising concepts to make encryption quantum-resistant.  They will outline experimental approaches for quantum key distribution and quantum random number generation and give an insight into the factors that limit current performance. Register now for the in-person or virtual event beginning March 6.