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Stephan Rettenberger debates pluggable optical innovation for edge networks

Optical Networking Digital Symposium panel discussion to cover openness and disaggregation at the optical edge

Growing bandwidth demand driven by cloud services and enabled by fiber to the premises and 5G wireless networks is forcing service providers to expand the capacity and capabilities of their optical edge networks. Pluggable optical modules are key to this expansion of optical edge networks, enabling pluggable optical connections up to 400Gbit/s and innovative point-to-multipoint architectures such as XR optics. Optical networks at the service provider edge need to be cost-effective and work across a wide range of fiber infrastructure and network speeds.

In this session, Stephan Rettenberger and the panel will investigate the latest pluggable optical innovation for edge networks, covering key applications, network architectures and new opportunities. They will discuss how edge architectures can support differentiated services and the role of pluggable coherent modules at the network edge. The debate will explore how optical networks can be upgraded to support 5G X-Haul and gigabit services as well as the value of openness and disaggregation at the optical edge. Register now and then log in before 11 a.m. EST on Thursday, February 10.