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Jim Zou joins Light Reading webcast to explore role of pluggable optics in 5G

Online session to cover viability of PON "ONT on a stick" pluggables, point-to-multi-point XR optics and deploying pluggable optics in Xhaul

A pluggable optics revolution is underway in telecom. With so much riding on the success of 5G services, it's no surprise that operators are looking to apply the advantages of pluggable optics to their emerging 5G transport networks, including fronthaul, midhaul, and backhaul as well as in the metro core. This is a fertile area of development, and options abound across use cases, segments and technologies (including both direct detect and coherent optics).

In this session, Jim Zou and an expert panel will address the role of coherent pluggable optics in 5G transport at 100G and beyond, as well as fronthaul requirements with bi-directional pluggable optics. They will cover the relevance and viability of PON "ONT on a stick" pluggables and explore 5G applications for point-to-multi-point optics, as advanced by the newly formed Open XR Forum. The broader architectural implications of deploying pluggable optics in Xhaul will also be discussed.

Register for the webinar on November 2.