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Prayson Pate reveals how SmartWAN is the key to secure connectivity

Live webinar with 6WIND’s Emre Eraltan will explore use cases with enterprises leveraging SmartWAN for simple and affordable virtual routing

Secure networking is critical to deploying enterprise applications, whether at the edge or in the cloud. Maybe it’s remote access for employees. Perhaps it’s access to private cloud applications, or transient connectivity between branch sites. Whatever the application, there’s now a new, future-proof way to achieve secure connectivity.

In this session, Prayson Pate and Emre Eraltan will discuss SmartWAN from ADVA and 6WIND. They will outline real-world use cases showing how SmartWAN addresses key challenges and reveal how SmartWAN provides a scalable, cloud-native and future-proof platform for innovation to support your communications strategy.