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Nino de Falcis discusses smart grid network challenges and solutions with UTCAL panel

Online debate will explore latest technologies and trends for next-generation utility infrastructure (Portuguese language)

  • Panel: Nino De Falcis, ADVA; Eduardo Campaner (moderator), Eletrosul; Alberto Sendin, Iberdrola; Marco Pangos, 4RF; Severiano Macedo, Cisco Brazil; Kahoe Faust, Furukawa; Marco Berger, Ribbon; Sávio Ricardo, Energisa
  • Topics: Telecommunications solutions for utilities 
  • When: Thursday, September 2, 2 p.m. (BRT)
  • Where: 2nd UTCAL SUMMIT ONLINE 2021, Virtual Auditorium 2 (Portuguese language):

Meeting the needs of next-generation utility networks, with their complex distributed wired, wireless and renewable DER solutions over switched packets, is a major challenge. And this must be achieved while protecting critical infrastructure from the rising threat of vulnerabilities and cyberattacks. That’s why power utilities need new strategies for advanced transport, security and timing. 

In this panel debate, Nino de Falcis will specifically address the implementation of best practices in synchronizing distributed smart grids, with core, substation and inverted DER flows. He will explain how to protect them against timing disruptions, and discuss integrating new resilient PNT assurance regulatory mandates.