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Sander Jansen explores DCI technology in cloud-scale networks in OFC short course

Session will detail the latest advances in DWDM transport enabling denser, higher-capacity and more scalable links

  • Speakers: Sander Jansen, director, product line management, ADVA; Dirk van den Borne, director, IP-optical architecture, Juniper Networks; Mark Filer, principal optics architect, Microsoft, USA
  • Topics: High-capacity data center interconnects for cloud-scale networking
  • When: Sunday, June 6, 8 a.m. PDT
  • Where: OFC, The Optical Networking and Communication Virtual Conference:

This course will provide a broad overview of data center interconnect (DCI) architectures and technology in cloud-scale networks, ranging from short-haul interconnects of just a few kilometers across a campus network, to metro and finally long-haul deployments. In particular, it will focus on the latest advances in DWDM transport enabling the realization of ever denser, more power efficient, higher capacity and more scalable DCI networks.

Sander Jansen, Dirk van den Borne and Mark Filer will provide an overview of the different technologies most relevant for today’s DCI, covering the full range of transmitter and receiver technologies, pluggable form factors, modulation formats, protocols and data rates. They will also explore recent industry developments, such as the impact that the introduction of power optimized 400ZR/ZR+ pluggable DWDM optics will have on DCI architectures and how this compares to performance optimized 800Gbit/s DWDM transponders. Book your place at the OFC Conference online from June 6.