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Ken Hann gets real about GNSS-based timing risk at WSTS

Online presentation to explore methods for monitoring timing and preparing for spoofing and jamming attacks

  • Speaker: Ken Hann, senior director, R&D, Oscilloquartz, ADVA
  • Topics: Expecting and detecting compromise in clocks
  • When: Thursday, April 1, 2:40 p.m. ET
  • Where: Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems: three-day virtual event:

It seems that today’s network operators are mostly aware of the potential dangers associated with high-accuracy time distribution – especially reliance on GNSS-based timing. Yet the general attitude seems to be complacency. People tend to think: It won't happen to me!

In this session, Ken Hann gets real about the risk of timing being compromised. He considers how to prepare for the coming attack, how timing can be continuously monitored and explores strategies to mitigate against vulnerabilities.

Register for the online event beginning March 30.