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Nino De Falcis joins WSTS debate on synchronizing next-gen smart grid networks

Online panel discussion will explore building resilient end-to-end power utility timing architectures

  • Panel: Nino De Falcis, senior director, business development, Oscilloquartz; Marcel Geor, manager, strategic marketing and business development, frequency and time, Microchip Technology; Terry Jones, computer scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Frank Tuffner, power systems research engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; David Schoenwald, principal member technical staff, Sandia National Labs
  • Topics: Sync in electric power – Live Q&A panel
  • When: Tuesday, March 30, 3:35 p.m. ET
  • Where: Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems: three-day virtual event:

As utility network operators look to modernize and digitalize their infrastructure, what are the key synchronization challenges they need to address? How can they deploy the best strategies for building resilient end-to-end timing architectures and can critical power networks be protected against GNSS vulnerabilities? 

In this panel debate, Nino De Falcis and a range of experts from across the industry will explore ways to smoothly migrate from legacy utility timing systems. Covering the latest technology trends, they will discuss how to achieve the accurate and stable synchronization needed to develop smart grid power networks built on packet-based solutions. 

Register for the online event beginning March 30.