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Nino De Falcis discusses the fight against jamming and spoofing at WSTS

Virtual session will explain how the interference is caused and the most robust strategies to protect networks from GNSS vulnerabilities

  • Speaker: Nino De Falcis, senior director, business development, Oscilloquartz, ADVA
  • Topics: Jamming and spoofing mitigation best practices and strategies
  • When: Tuesday, March 30, 2:50 p.m. ET
  • Where: Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems: three-day virtual event:

In a world of increasing jamming and spoofing attacks, network operators need protection against GNSS timing becoming unreliable due to deliberate interference. Following the executive order on PNT resiliency published in February last year, this topic has become a key focus for critical infrastructure companies.

In this session, Nino De Falcis will discuss jamming and spoofing issues and the reasons behind them. He will also detail the potential impact of jamming and spoofing on critical infrastructure and how these attacks are accomplished. What’s more, he will recommend best practices for assessment and implementation of mitigation strategies, including suggested solution architectures. 

Register for the online event beginning March 30.