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Tobias Fehenberger explores the future of constellation shaping at ECOC 2020

Experts from industry and academia to discuss shaping techniques for maximizing optical transport capacity

  • Speaker: Tobias Fehenberger (organizer), ADVA; Alex Alvarado (organizer), TU/e; Robert Fischer, Ulm University; Bin Chen, Hefei University of Technology; Marco Secondini, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna; Metodi Yankov, DTU; Altug Sural, Bilkent University; Junho Cho, Nokia Bell Labs; Mehdi Torbatian, Infinera; Olga Vassilieva, Fujitsu
  • Topic: Constellation shaping – All set for maximizing capacity?
  • When: Sunday, December 6, 1:30 p.m. CET
  • Where: ECOC 2020 Workshops, WS9:

Constellation shaping has been breaking records in recent optical transport trials. Now innovation in geometrical constellation shaping (GCS) and probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS) is promising to squeeze the last tenths of a dB out of high-capacity optical fiber links. But what’s the future for signal shaping? Are there only engineering issues left to fine-tune? Or is there more work to be done to fully understand the tradeoffs and unlock maximum gains?

In this virtual workshop, Tobias Fehenberger and Alex Alvarado will introduce a range of speakers from across the industry and the world of academic research. They will share views on the future of constellation shaping, commercial successes, the tradeoffs to consider and the route to maximum capacity. Register for the online event beginning December 6.