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Nir Laufer to discuss highly accurate cell site timing over WDM networks

ITSF online session will also explain how service providers can offer time as a service for a range of industries

  • Speaker: Nir Laufer, senior director, product line management, Oscilloquartz, ADVA
  • Topic: 100ns accuracy at cell sites over commercial WDM networks
  • When: Thursday, November 5, 12:20 p.m. GMT
  • Where: The International Timing and Sync Forum (ITSF) Global Conference on Timing and Synchronization Across Networks. Register for the virtual event at:

The latest innovation in radio access technology demands a new level of precision in synchronization networks. Mobile timing infrastructure must go further than ever before to deliver emerging 5G and IoT services and enable communication service providers to offer time as a service for data centers, power utilities, media networks and more. It’s now vital for mobile network operators to ensure phase and time accuracy at base station and develop strategies for cell site synchronization that remove the risk of GNSS unavailability.

In this presentation, Nir Laufer will explain how robust timing with nanosecond precision can be achieved by delivering timing over PTP-optimized optical transport channels. He will discuss tackling GNSS vulnerabilities – including the growing threat of jamming and spoofing attacks – by ensuring robust backup from ePRTC core clocks to the aggregation site.

Register for the online event beginning November 3.