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Ken Hann talks PTP timing across industries at ITSF

Virtual presentation will reveal why even clocks need to learn a second language to deliver precise network synchronization

  • Speaker: Ken Hann, senior director, R&D, Oscilloquartz, ADVA
  • Topic: PTP across borders: Babel retold
  • When: Thursday, November 5, 4:40 p.m. GMT
  • Where: Free webinar. Register at: The International Timing and Sync Forum (ITSF) Global Conference on Timing and Synchronization Across Networks. Register for the virtual event at:

Precision timing is required across many different industries from telecoms to industrial automation with PTP as the protocol of choice. The IEEE 1588 PTP standard allows the freedom to develop industry-specific profiles (PTP variants) and about 20 of these have been specified so far in a wide range of sectors from broadcasting to power utilities.

In this presentation, Kenneth Hann will explain the need to interconnect and share time between PTP equipment using different profiles. He will outline the cross-profile challenges and show that a combination of multi-profile grandmaster technology and pluggable boundary clocks offers an ideal solution.

Register for the online event beginning November 3.