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Jörg Urban addresses challenges of next-gen sync and timing at ITSF

Virtual presentation to explore backing up GNSS with network-based timing to meet the precision and resilience required for 5G

  • Speaker: Jörg Urban, director, business development, Oscilloquartz
  • Topic: Time sync: Existing mobile networks need to be ready for 5G and time-sensitive applications
  • When: Tuesday, November 3, 3:20 p.m. GMT
  • Where: The International Timing and Sync Forum (ITSF) Global Conference on Timing and Synchronization Across Networks. Register for the virtual event at:

Across all industries, tight network timing has become essential. But achieving the levels of accuracy and reliability needed for new 5G requirements, broadcast networks, power utility applications and many more is a major challenge. Networks that rely solely on GNSS-based synchronization are at a particular risk from the growing threat of jamming and spoofing attacks.

In this virtual presentation, Jörg Urban takes a look at how networks can evolve quickly to solve new time and sync challenges. He will explore advanced technologies for backing up GNSS signals with network-based timing in order to satisfy the demands of the most time-sensitive applications, enhancing resilience and enabling significant capex and opex savings.

Register for the online event beginning November 3.