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Prayson Pate looks ahead to a decade of virtualization with IEEE conference virtual panel

Online discussion to explore new opportunities for CSPs

  • Panel: Prayson Pate, ADVA, USA; Larry Horner (moderator), Intel, USA; Amit Tiwari, Affirmed Networks, USA; Ian Hood, RedHat, USA; Martin Taylor, Metaswitch, UK; Rohit Arora, HPE, USA
  • Topic: Virtualization and the edge in the roaring 20s
  • When: Thursday, July 2, 3:15 p.m. (CEST)
  • Where: Free online event – IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization 2020:

Where are we today with virtualization and where should we be heading? Have we hit a roadblock or begun walking in circles? In this virtual debate, Prayson Pate and the panel will explore opportunities at the edge, discuss the role 5G fills and consider alternatives. They will examine use cases that are bringing revenue to communication service providers and discuss how they can compete with hyperscalers.

Join the online discussion, as part of the five-day virtual conference: