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Gil Biran and Anthony Magee talk disaggregation and virtualization in mobile networks at SCWS

Discussion to cover low latency and synchronization in 5G RAN architecture

  • Speakers: Anthony Magee, director, business development, mobile, ADVA; Gil Biran, GM, Oscilloquartz, ADVA
  • Topics: Transport implications of the disaggregated and virtual RAN, sync, latency and high speed connectivity
  • When: Wednesday, May 22, 11:10 a.m.
  • Where: Small Cell World Summit, Novotel London West, London, UK

As the disruptive trends towards disaggregation and virtualization gather pace, key questions need to be addressed. These approaches may be the key to 5G but what role will they also play in 4G services? What does it all mean for X-haul needs in terms of speed, latency and reliability? What are the synchronization requirements and solutions to enable disaggregated architectures?

At SWCS, Anthony Magee and Gil Biran will explore the transport implications of NFV and disaggregation in RAN networks and outline what a 5G transport network architecture looks like.