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Stephan Neidlinger to explore software-defined optics at Netnod

Presentation will discuss technology enabling higher-layer applications to utilize dynamic bandwidth offerings

  • Speakers: Stephan Neidlinger, VP, strategic alliance management, ADVA
  • Topics: Why should higher-layer applications care about software-defined optics?
  • When: Thursday, April 4, 10:30 a.m.
  • Where: Netnod Meeting 2019, Marriott in Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Up to this point, higher-layer applications have been relatively independent of the connectivity layer. What’s more, transmission bandwidth of connections between network nodes, such as in data center interconnect infrastructure, has so far been static. This is all about to change.

In this presentation, Stephan Neidlinger will explore the latest transmission technology set to enable dynamic capacity that adapts to connectivity network conditions. He’ll discuss the potential of software-defined optics to optimize transmission bandwidth between nodes depending on parameters like link distance and quality. Stephan will outline how higher-layer applications will be able to utilize these dynamic bandwidth offerings, adapting traffic and content flow to available bandwidth, as well as the role that SDN and APIs will play in enabling the necessary communication between lower connectivity and higher application layers.