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Niall Robinson to discuss SDN and network innovation with PTC panel

Debate will explore API/protocol landscape and taking full advantage of the benefits of SDN

  • Speakers: Niall Robinson, VP, global business development, ADVA
  • Topics: SDN and network innovation
  • When: Tuesday, January 22, 8.30 a.m
  • Where: Pacific Telecommunications Council, Mid-Pacific Conference Center, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki Beach Resort, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

The traditional network is already dead and SDN has been hailed as the network of right now. It promises to deliver control to the customer and lower costs while increasing velocity of deployment and quality of applications. But there is still so much room to grow. Many telcos are still stuck in the hardware mindset and have struggled to adopt SDN to transform themselves and take advantage of its benefits. With various standards bodies, the API/protocol landscape is still a bit messy.

In this session, Niall Robinson and the panel will take a step back and examine where SDN is today, some of the problems and opportunities, and where it’s headed next.