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Kenneth Hann talks GNSS value and vulnerabilities at ITSF

Oscilloquartz’s R&D director traces evolution of GNSS-based solutions and discusses latest technology for robust timing when it fails

  • Speakers: Kenneth Hann, director, R&D, Oscilloquartz
  • Topics: Keeping time with GNSS
  • When: Thursday, November 8, 3.40 p.m.
  • Where: ITSF 2018, Frequency & Time for F.U.N: Finance, Utilities and 5G Networks, Bucharest Grand Hotel, Bucharest, Romania

Timing is an essential component of modern networks and GNSS is the only practical solution to meet the stringent accuracy requirements. GNSS is undergoing continuous improvement with additional satellites, frequency bands and coding schemes, yet its core vulnerability remains. 

In this presentation, Kenneth Hann makes the case for building a GNSS-based timing service that is robust, accurate, and monitored, while meeting the cost and simplicity requirements for fast rollout. Details on ever-evolving threats to GNSS will be covered along with insights into optimal deployment solutions involving hybrid GNSS receiver/grandmaster devices. Kenneth will also discuss backup scenarios involving data correlation and monitoring to ensure the ability to function in the absence of GNSS signals for extended periods.