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Nir Laufer talks synchronization over DOCSIS in joint ITSF session

Presentation to give detail on test results for frequency delivery using PTP over existing RF architecture to mobile backhaul applications

  • Speakers: Nir Laufer, senior director, product line management, Oscilloquartz; Yair Neugeboren, director, system architecture, network and cloud, ARRIS 
  • Topics: Supporting LTE-FDD and/or APTS over existing cable networks
  • When: Wednesday, November 7, 9:20 a.m.
  • Where: ITSF 2018, Frequency & Time for F.U.N: Finance, Utilities and 5G Networks, Bucharest Grand Hotel, Bucharest, Romania

Today’s DOCSIS cable networks are shifting towards remote PHY architecture. This brings major benefits in terms of simplicity and efficiency but it does require tight synchronization. Nir Laufer and Yair Neugeboren will present test findings and show how sufficient synchronization can be delivered to applications that are connected over DOCSIS, such as LTE-FDD base stations, and how very accurate frequency can be achieved using PTP over this technology.