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Ahmed Medhat shares lessons learnt from syncing time and phase

ITSF presentation with Orange Egypt offers tips for delivering LTE-A and 5G timing

  • Panel: Ahmed Medhat, systems consultant, Middle East and Africa, Oscilloquartz; Sherif Fouad, manager, business development, Orange Egypt
  • Topics: Tips for time & phase sync
  • When: Wednesday, November 7, 12:10 p.m.
  • Where: ITSF 2018, Frequency & Time for F.U.N: Finance, Utilities and 5G Networks, Bucharest Grand Hotel, Bucharest, Romania

As they roll out new technologies such as LTE Advanced and prepare for 5G, today's leading mobile service providers need to optimize resources and ensure a fully convergent network. With backhaul traffic increasing and demand growing for real-time applications like mobile gaming and video conferencing, extremely precise synchronization becomes vital.

In this presentation, Ahmed Medhat of Oscilloquartz and Orange Egypt's Sherif Adel will reveal the results of multiple PoCs that led to the successful deployment of phase and time synchronization in a nationwide, mission-critical network. These involved Oscilloquartz's compact PTP grandmaster clock technology with assisted partial timing support and a high-end quartz oscillator for extended holdover performance in case of GNSS outages.