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Stephan Neidlinger will outline key steps from SDN to autonomous networking

SDN NFV World Congress talk to discuss recent demos involving disaggregated packet optical networks and vRAN architectures

  • Speakers: Stephan Neidlinger, VP, strategic alliance management, global business development, ADVA
  • Topics: From software-defined networking to autonomous network operations
  • When: Friday, October 12, 11:25 a.m.
  • Where: SDN NFV World Congress, World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands

The ultimate goal is to transition to autonomous network operations by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts. But exactly how will this transformation occur? In this presentation, Stephan Neidlinger will track the necessary changes networks must undergo, from the starting point of using SDN as architecture and a tool for managing multi-vendor network environments via automated multi-layer network optimization. 

Applications and use cases in disaggregated packet optical and vRAN mobile networks will be discussed, including an overview of recent field trials and demos. Stephan will also explore the status of related standards and industry forums.