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Stephan Rettenberger highlights the benefits of intelligent operations with SDN control

ADVA’s NGON presentation will explore new technologies harnessing telemetry streaming, big data analysis and AI

  • Speakers: Stephan Rettenberger, SVP, marketing and investor relations, ADVA
  • Topics: Transforming optical networking with AI technology
  • When: Wednesday, June 27, 5:30 p.m.
  • Where: NGON & DCI Europe, Acropolis, Nice, France

With its promise of network simplification and new revenue streams, software-defined networking has quickly captured the interest of service providers. Open communities have invested a great deal of resources in defining interfaces and protocols for programmatic control. However, while it is widely applied in data centers, there are still only a few cases of live networks utilizing SDN. New technologies for the operationalization of SDN are required to remove the remaining market entry barriers.

In this presentation, Stephan Rettenberger will introduce these enabling technologies. Recent innovation utilizing telemetry streaming, big data collection and analysis, and artificial intelligence in combination with machine learning is opening up efficient ways to monitor and operate networks and easing the burden of migrating to centralized SDN architectures. Stephan will highlight the benefits of intelligent operations with SDN-control and provide an overview on the present status of this work.