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Ken Hann to discuss integrating GNSS receivers and PTP technology for improved sync accuracy

Oscilloquartz presentation outlines reducing errors and installation costs when deploying timing at the network edge

  • Speakers: Ken Hann, director, R&D, Oscilloquartz
  • Topics: Improving time accuracy at the network edge
  • When: Wednesday, June 20, 12:15 p.m.
  • Where: WSTS, Doubletree San Jose, San Jose, California, USA

With customers demanding increasingly advanced voice, video and data applications and the impending introduction of 5G, network timing accuracy is becoming ever more important. Moving GNSS receivers lower into the network and integrating them with PTP to offer out-of-the box UTC synchronization solutions can help achieve a new level of accuracy.

In this presentation, Ken Hann, will show how this integrated approach can compensate for many of the major error factors, both human and technology-based, creating an easier to install and lower-cost timing solution