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Prayson Pate to debate impact of open source software at BCE

Panel discussion will explore key changes in worlds of telecoms and cable

  • Speakers: Prayson Pate, CTO, Ensemble division, ADVA, Ray La Maistre (moderator), editor in chief, Light Reading; Heather Kirksey, director, OPNFV; Csaba Kiss Kaballo, head of connectivity, mobile and security portfolio, Vodafone 
  • Topics: How open source is reshaping the telecom sector
  • When: Tuesday, May 15, 9:55 a.m.
  • Where: BIG Communications Event, Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas, USA

Open source has its detractors but, with major communications network operators adopting the open source community's processes, practices, world view and, of course, code, it’s undeniably reshaping the telecom and cable sector.

In this discussion, Prayson Pate and other industry experts will debate how open source has manifested itself in the telecoms/cable landscape, what the gains (if any) have been, the impact of ONAP on network operator plans and strategies, and how open source is likely to further revamp the communications sector in the coming year.