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Ulrich Kohn to discuss how new technology is using artificial intelligence to operationalize SDN

AI Net Conference presentation will explore how telemetry streaming, big data and machine learning can be harnessed for operations and monitoring

  • Speaker: Ulrich Kohn, director, technical marketing, ADVA
  • Topics: Operationalizing SDN
  • When: Thursday, April 12, 11:30 a.m.
  • Where: AI Net Conference 2018, Hotel Marriott, Paris, France

In order to eliminate the remaining market entry barriers and make SDN operational, new technology will be required to introduce these enabling tools to the marketplace.

In this presentation, Ulrich Kohn, will show how telemetry streaming, big data collection and analysis, and artificial intelligence can be used in combination with machine learning to develop efficient ways of monitoring and operating networks, whilst easing the burden of migrating to centralized SDN architectures.