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Oscilloquartz Presents New Techniques for Highly Accurate Phase Synchronization

Deploying Grandmaster/PRTCs Close to End Applications Addresses Strict New Timing Requirements For Small Cells and LTE-A Base Stations

  • Speaker: Nir Laufer, product line director, Oscilloquartz (an ADVA Optical Networking company)
  • Topics: Jagged Little (Sync) Pill: Enabling Installed-Based Networks for Accurate Phase Delivery and Assurance
  • When: Thursday, November 9, 9:40 a.m. 
  • Where: ITSF 2017, Sofitel Hotel Victoria, Warsaw, Poland

Small cells and LTE-TDD/LTE-A base stations rely on stringent phase synchronization. But packet delay variation and asymmetry make it problematic to deliver accurate phase from the core. In this presentation, Nir Laufer will explain how a new level of precision and reliability can be achieved by locating a “sync pill” (a grandmaster and primary reference time clock in miniature form factor) closer to the end application. The "sync pill" can also be used for network sync probing and assurance with minimal footprint and cost.

As well as Nir’s talk, ITSF delegates will be able to see live demonstrations of Oscilloquartz’s comprehensive synchronization toolkit from November 7 to 9. The showcase will include the world’s smallest PTP grandmaster, the OSA 5401 SFP syncplug. Also on display will be the world’s first indoor window-mounted GNSS antenna and PTP grandmaster, the OSA 5405, as well as the OSA 5420 Series, Oscilloquartz’s “synchronization Swiss army knife.”