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Oscilloquartz Talk Shows Financial Institutions the Route to Simple, Efficient MiFID II Compliance

Ulrich Kohn Reveals Essential Lessons Learnt From Bringing Precise Synchronization to Mobile Networks

  • Speaker: Ulrich Kohn, director, technical marketing, ADVA Optical Networking and Oscilloquartz
  • Topics: Beyond January 3rd – Timing Distribution Post MiFID II  
  • When: Tuesday, September 12, 10:05 a.m.  
  • Where: Workshop on Time Compliance for MiFID II, Gibson Hall, London, UK  

Right now, financial institutions across the EU are rushing to meet the MiFID II deadline for timestamping compliance. A range of implementation alternatives are on offer, but most will opt for a simple solution in the short term. Operational efficiency, traceability, reliability and future-proof architectures are second on the priority list and are unlikely to be fully considered with the initial implementation.

In other markets with stringent timing requirements – such as mobile network operators – major players began their journey to more precise synchronization years ago. Experience gained from those markets can provide invaluable guidance to financial institutions, both in the first phase as they achieve compliance, and also for the next step when they move towards an optimized, efficient, traceable and highly available timing architecture.

In this presentation, Ulrich Kohn will look at best practices for meeting MiFID II compliance and share lessons learnt from comparable markets such as RAN synchronization. Based on this, he will offer predictions on the mid-term evolution of timing architectures in financial trading and outline the optimum route to accurate, traceable and verifiable time synchronization.

For more detail, read Ulrich Kohn's latest blog post, MiFID Deadline Day Is Fast Approaching – Time to Get Financial Markets in Sync.