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ADVA Optical Networking Leads OFC Course on Variations of Multicarrier Modulation

Sander Jansen Explains Multicarrier Modulation in the Context of Promising Network Applications

  • Speaker: Sander Jansen, director, product line management, ADVA Optical Networking 
  • Topics: Multi-Carrier Modulation: DMT, OFDM and Superchannels
  • When: Monday, March 20, 8:30 a.m.
  • Where: Theatre 1, Los Angeles Convention Center, Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition, Los Angeles, California, USA

This short course will explain and compare the variations of multi-carrier modulation, including DMT, OFDM and DWDM superchannels. The emphasis will be on understanding multi-carrier modulation in the context of the most promising network applications such as cost-effective data center interconnect solutions and capacity-approaching superchannels in core networks. The aim is to give attendees an understanding of how multicarrier modulation can be used to build adaptive and scalable transport beyond what is possible with single carrier modulation formats.