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ADVA Ensemble’s Mike Heffner to Discuss Simplifying NFV at Carrier Network Virtualization

Opening Keynote Speech Addresses Industry Fragmentation and the Need for End-to-End Operationalization

  • Speaker:   Mike Heffner, VP, Product Line Management, Ensemble Division, ADVA Optical Networking
  • Topics:      Network Virtualization Simplified
  • When:      Tuesday, December 6, 8:55 a.m.
  • Where:     Carrier Network Virtualization, Crowne Plaza, Palo Alto, California, USA

The benefits of network transformation from physical to virtual appliances have been extensively discussed and are widely understood. However, adoption and deployment of NFV solutions has been slowed by industry fragmentation. Operational challenges in end-to-end NFV and SDN architecture also need to be addressed.

Opening the conference, Mike Heffner’s keynote speech will cover some of the key themes that need to be addressed in order to simplify NFV adoption. These include the need for openness and multi-vendor integration, the role of VNFs, issues around management and operationalization, and the challenges of guaranteeing security and assurance.

In the afternoon, Mike will chair the Management and Orchestration (MANO) track and will moderate a panel discussion entitled “How are leading operators in MANO maneuvering multi-vendors?”, featuring speakers from NetNumber Inc, SDN Essentials, Riverbed Technology and TU Berlin.